Ludique Magazine 

Founder + Creative Director + Head Designer + Content Manager

I started Ludique Magazine in January 2013 with some friends and we have expanded to have international contributors that have helped the magazine grow to new heights. We are a photography publication that aims to spread the images and stories from the people behind them across the world. For us, it's about showcasing these everyday folks and putting together these images in a way that is comprehensive and that last the test of time in this fast-paced digital world. I have creatively directed the identity and aesthetics of both the branding and design of the issue pages.

Over the past few years, the magazine has already seen a large amount of growth. Each year there has been a change in the way that the magazine has been designed, presented, and made. This is in accordance with our determination to challenge the idea of what a magazine is and should operate in the current times with technology, social media, and the Internet overall. 


Redesigned the website again, this time bringing more colors back into the pages of the site.

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Part B - 2016

Made another experiment this year with a Photo Of The Day series, designed specifically to be viewed within Instagram.


In September of 2015, after releasing a big issue in early summer, we started experimenting with a new approach that we are still currently trying out.

The basic idea behind the initiative is to deliver content directly to our viewers through Instagram, where the majority of our audience is at. Instead of people having to click the "link in our bio" and go through all these extra steps, we are designing and curating our content straight for the 'gram.

Additionally, instead of the content coming in spaced out issues - it shifted to being delivered daily.

1 of 1 bag designed for Fall 2015

1 of 1 bag designed for Fall 2015


After 2013, we moved to a new more web-based issue format to let the photos live as big as possible on people's screens and get the full display they deserve. Our 2014 release was made up of quarterly issues.


In the first year of the publication, we chose to kept a consistent cover system. The goal was to bring the traditional feeling of a physical magazine into a new non-traditional digital space. 2013 consisted of monthly issues.

Some of the content from inside the issues, which ended up being over 1000 pages in total.

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Group Chat

Show Personality + Lead Designer

Aired during the first half of 2016. Hosted by myself and three friends, where discussions mostly revolved around music, sports, and movies. It was broadcasted on Dash Radio on the 1234 World station.

Dash Radio has around 60 original stations and its headquarters are in Los Angeles, California. 1234 is a collective of artists, mostly musicians, who are primarily based in LA as well but also have members around the world. Other programs on Dash includes shows run by Kylie Jenner, Snoop Dogg, and Mac Miller.

It was broadcasted on Dash Radio every other Saturday morning from 8-10 am EST.
The episodes then went up after on Soundcloud.

Website design for the home page of the site.

Website design for the home page of the site.

Episodes Archive section of the site, which had two gif's playing above each show.

Episodes Archive section of the site, which had two gif's playing above each show.

Soundcloud Archive for the site with alternate logo for the platform in place.

Soundcloud Archive for the site with alternate logo for the platform in place.

Other Soundcloud banners used throughout the episode upload period.

Other Soundcloud banners used throughout the episode upload period.



Founder + Curator + Designer

This personal project of mine is as much a homage to cinematographers as it is an exhibition of my favorite movies. Cinemisto was launched in February of 2015 as a platform for me to on one hand showcase my favorite movies. Going hand in hand with this process was a mission to study these movies I adore and analyze them through the idea of photography within film by picking their best frames. 

But on a design level, it is an exercise in simplicity. The logo, designed by me, follows the minimal practice of everything else - except through more geometric shapes. Futura is the choice of typeface in order to mirror the sharp jagged corners of the logo and provide a look that was partially a nod to the past but still felt modern at the same time. Within it there are elements like a camera lens and play button, which play into a bigger symbol to stand as a strong and recognizable identity of the brand. The common red seats and wall-deco in movie theaters, along with the darkness of the environment whenever watching movies, each played a simultaneous role in the inspiration of the red and black color palette. 


The general structure of the layout was something I thought of almost instantly when I came up with the concept of the site. I wanted it to be clean and to the point, truly highlighting the selected frames of the movies and showing the text in a fashion that was just as simple yet impactful. 

1234 Creations

Head of Visual Art Department

1234 has its own station on Dash Radio, a worldwide online radio platform broadcasted to about 100 countries. Dash currently has three million active users monthly. The 1234 station curates music and hosts original shows. The station, which officially launched in January 2016, has received over a million listens already.  have worked on, and continue to make, a variety of artwork elements for the station - including the artwork for the first year's worth of episodes. I also created the main logo for 1234 and work on a lot of the visual branding elements. 

1234 Creations is a collective of young artists based in cities across the United States β€” primarily on the West Coast and comprised of music producers, DJs, male and female vocalists, photographers, graphic designers, web developers, and filmmakers. Additional members come from Toronto, Orlando, San Francisco, Miami, New York, Brazil, and Norway.

LÉTE Magazine

Lead Designer For Original Branding

I met Ryan Lyons when I was working at RESPECT Magazine in the summer of 2012. We connected over a shared and similar love of music, culture, and art. We kept in touch and have remained good friends. He'd been thinking about starting his own brand and platform for years, and when he decided to start building his new publication - we naturally began working together on it. Ryan has a very unique style and voice, one which I understand and identify with. So my role, as the Lead Designer, has been to interpret his vision and work hand-in-hand together to bring out a fully realized version of this world through design and visual communication. This included making the logo, the website, and more.

Social Media - The Daily Series 

A collective series of images created for the use of posting about new articles from the Daily section of the website.


Designed and did all the visual customization for the home base, the digital home base and platform of operations for the publication.

  • Home - Updates and access for content around the site.
  • Daily - More regular posts, on everyday matters and subjects.
  • Bread - The section for the bigger features of more importance.
  • Mood - A batch of inspiration and reference images for the brand.
  • Vision - Showcasing the members of the team and who they are.