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Pros and Cons

Looking at both sides of any given topic. Hosted by Kev and I, we give a balanced perspective on anything from culture, food, arts, sports, and more. The show is part of CessPool, a podcast network that I launched in January 2019 with Kev that has other shows all with their own host(s) around different themes.

Two samples below of topics from certain episodes.

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Ohtani Comes To America

A show around the path of new baseball sensation Shohei Ohtani and how he fares as a two-way player in the MLB after coming over from Japan. He's been the most interesting player in baseball to watch since. Hosted by Kev and I.

Season 1 went from April - October 2018.
Season 2 will return in May 2019 when Ohtani comes back from injury.
Two sample episodes below.

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Group Chat

A talk show I did with a few friends on Dash Radio, where we discussed everything from music to sports to movies. Hosted by Soft Glas, Joan, Kev, and I.

It aired for over a dozen episodes in the first half of the year through July 2016.

Around an hour and a half or two hours per episode.
Brief sample episode clip snippets below.

You can listen to Full Episodes on iTunes / Apple Podcasts


Outside of just being on shows myself, I also started a podcast network. Launched in January 2019.
I worked on it with Kev and we got friends involved to each host different shows on different topics.
The shows overall cover pop culture, entertainment, arts, and sports. Each voiced with a unique personal touch.
I worked on everything from the concept to managing all of the network to art direction (illustrations by Cindy Rodriguez) and more.

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