Over 100 interviews conducted and published across multiple platforms.

Here are a selection of interviews that I've done that have been published by a written Q+A, article, or story.

These are not all of them either, and the number does not reflect the interviews also done in the video section.

To read and see individual interviews, click on the associated pictures.

Business Insider

One of less than five percent chosen from 600 applicants for a six-month internship. Produced original features and interviews with photographers around the world, occasionally shot own photos on assignment, and spent a month co-running the company’s main Instagram account. Consistently pitched own stories and met deadlines. Published over 100 posts in six months with a quarter of the posts exceeding 100,000 page views. 

Ludique Magazine

The founder and head of this publication. We have a big focus on showcasing mobile photographers and people from around the world. Personally have done around 70 interviews for the magazine to date with photographers from around the world. Some of the places include Greece, Arizona, Milan, Seattle, Eldred, California, Quebec, Nashville, Chicago, Saint Petersburg, Washington DC, London, New York, Texas, and Italy.

RESPECT Magazine

Worked as a photographer and journalist intern at this publication during the summer of 2012. When not out photographing concerts and artists, I also did interviews for the digital side of content for the magazine with artists mostly involved within the space of music (which RESPECT focuses on the most).