Seeing Maya for the first time since I saw her in the hospital a few months earlier.

Burger Hill

Teo and I went to explore a new spot and found this gem in Burger Hill, which we were lucky enough to catch as the sun was going down.

Sam's Point in the Fall

Back in October, I went with Nick and Teo to a place called Sam's Point - not too far a drive from New Paltz. It turned out to be a perfect place to see the fall colors on the trees across the region as well as explore an assortment of caves.


The Red Balloon & A Group Of Galleries

Met up with Laura and while we were on our way to check out a gallery, someone was giving away free giant balloons. We snatched a red one and got some shots around the park before heading to the exhibits. After a few of the shows she had to run, then I headed down to Chelsea to catch a few more before I made my way home.


Came across these little kids playing around in an unbelievable patch of light. Sometimes I can't believe how incredibly shots present themselves.


Always love finding remnants of the Art Deco period in buildings (mostly in Midtown, usually). Lucky to have came across a few this day, including a jackpot in the lobby of where some of the exhibitions were being held.

This particular shot above was in a separate gallery to the side, but the main one that got our attention (and the primary reason for the visit) was to see a small collection of Saul Leiter's photographs. I was not aware of too much of his work beforehand, so it was a good introduction. 

This gallery was the main reason for heading down to Chelsea. I wanted to catch it before it closed. Jacob Hashimoto installed an amazing set of artwork that is really quite difficult to describe but looked amazing - especially at the scale it was at.