Munich, Germany - Urban River Surfing

Munich is home to Englischer Garten, reportedly the largest urban park in the world. While the park as a whole is nice, there's one part in particular that is very unique and famous to the city. Back in the 1970's, people began to surf in the Eisbach River of the park. "The flow velocity of the icy water is about 5 meters at a rate of 20 tons per second, and the temperature never gets above 15 degrees Celsius. This has led to Munich yielding some of the best river surfers and creating a true surfing community around an inland river wave."

It was particularly funny for me as I first saw someone get a surfboard out their trunk and start walking over into the park. I thought to myself, "there's no beach around here - where is he going?" So I kept walking and discovered this awe-inspiring scene. It was a real treat to find.