Munich, Germany - The Introduction

Munich, otherwise known as München, was the last stop on my European journey before I headed back to London for a few more weeks. I had three days there and I enjoyed the city more and more each day. Some of my favorite parts were the Olympic Park (when they hosted in '72), the BMW Museum, and their amazingly colorful train stations.

I even stumbled upon a carnival, not too far from my hostel, during my first night there. I wanted to try to cover a little bit more ground before it got dark and I called it a day, so I made my way over to a nearby park. Much to my surprise was this wonderful carnival, which was not too different from what we have in the U.S. actually. In fact, barely any differences besides some variations in food and language.

I call this post The Introduction because I had to break up Munich into multiple posts to describe and present different aspects I enjoyed in their own right. There was simply too much to fit into one post. So here is the first taste.