Launch of ID+ Radio and Mix 001: Strawblend Theory

As much content as I put out, whether it be through here or Ludique or anywhere, there's still plenty of projects that I work on that I never share publicly. A lot of people, myself included, sometimes will put off sharing certain parts of their work because they'd rather wait until they have a bigger platform to release it. I'm not saying this is flawed logic necessarily, and I get it, but I don't like just sitting and waiting for opportunities to present themselves. I'm much better at simply showing people what I can do. I really just want to execute the ideas in my head and keep it moving. Additionally, I think social media has made us feel like all we need to do is release consistent short-form content. I don't mind doing that too, but I also miss the long-form content that was there even only a few years ago. It seems to have mostly disappeared. I want to break out of that and just release more, even if it seems like a random or small thing that's not a big deal. As long as it's satisfying my creative spirit, I'm okay. 

The first step of this process comes with a mix I did, entitled Strawblend Theory, and it coincides with being the first launch of ID+ Radio. I've done mixes in the past, but I've only sent them to a few friends and that was it. I figured, why not put it out? Even if one extra person enjoys it, that's cool with me. This mix contains a selection of music I've been listening to in the past month or so. There's really no specific type of genre, it's an eclectic mix. Just listen with an open mind.

The idea for a Radio channel is something I've been wanting to start for a while but it was one of those things where I kept thinking "I'll wait until I flesh out the idea more" or "I'll wait until I have a better platform to present this on." But I decided to just roll with it and see what happens. So here it goes.