Kevin Abstract released an album about a month ago, called MTV1987, which is truly a remarkable project. It would have been impressive even if were not for the additional fact that he turned only 18 the day after he released it. The production was done entirely by his fellow ASF cohort, Romil, who is the same age. In fact, the whole ASF crew - Alive Since Forever - is full of youthful talented kids. Luckily I was able to fly back to NYC not too long before Kevin performed at Webster Hall, along with supporting additions from his teammates. This time around it was only an opening slot, although I'm sure that in the upcoming years it will turn into a headlining event much sooner than later. Regardless, he still put on a great show for the short slot he had. From his music to performing to his art direction, everything, it's apparent to anyone paying attention that this young kid is only going to continue to keep rising before our eyes.