Bologna, Italy

When I first got to Bologna, I didn't know what to expect. It's an Italian town that is not as well known around the world, but I did have a general idea of it in my head because of two photographers I know from the region. One of them, Laura, is originally from there but now lives in New York, going back to Bologna during the summer. The other, Giulia, is currently a student at the University of Bologna, one of the oldest schools in the world that's still in operation. I've known her through Instagram for a while and we actually featured Giulia in the March 2013 Issue of Ludique and I'd stayed in touch with her ever since. She was gracious enough to offer a place to stay and show us around town, even going the extra mile and making delicious home-cooked Italian meals. Bologna turned out to be one of my favorite Italian cities and one that I hope to come back to one day.