Jack's Journey: 2008-Now

I write this in March of 2014, about five and a half years after starting Imagination Detonation originally in October of 2008. I remember sitting in my apartment in The Bronx and first publishing the site. I've been lucky enough to grow with the internet and be smart enough to realize how good a platform it is. But at this point, I had no lofty goals. It was just a way for me to share my artwork with friends and family. That was it. I had no idea what the next half of a decade would have in store.

At this point in 2008, I was in high school and at the time really into drawing my own original cartoon characters. Many of you know the two-headed duck as the face of I.D. I did that for a while, and it was a big component of the site. The other part was photography, which I was developing my passion for more and more. I had gotten a little point-and-shoot for my 13th birthday, and was gradually becoming more and more into the craft. I believe at this point I had upgraded to a more advanced point-and-shoot. 

An investment was made in 2010 into a DSLR camera, one that shot much higher quality images and was my first professional camera. It also shot HD video, so I started to play around with that. I decided to start my own little show under the title of Boundless Dreams TV - which was still part of Imagination Detonation, of course. This is where I'd say things really took a turn for a new direction. The people who I interviewed would help spread the videos when the interviews came out and my name, and site, started to get out there more. The interviews were an amazing way for me to meet very talented people from all sorts of creative realms and gain knowledge on any and everything. To date, I have interviewed over fifty different individuals.

If you haven't already noticed the pattern from this story so far, I tend to want to try my hand at new creative fields pretty often. It's not necessarily getting bored with the other things, because I still continue them, but more of a matter of pushing myself and my creative abilities. I don't say to myself "oh, what can I do next?" but rather I just naturally become interested in trying out something and simply go for it.

It was November of 2012 and I was home on Thanksgiving break from school. It was the Sunday of the weekend and I was heading back that day. In the morning, however, I was reading a professional photography magazine. One that I had found in an airport years ago and been subscribed to since. And suddenly the idea hit me - I should start a mobile photography magazine. Now, I should probably backtrack for some people. One, mobile photography is simply taking photos on your mobile (cellular) device. Two, the biggest mobile photography community revolves around an app you most likely know at this point: Instagram. See, I had been on Instagram since July of 2011 and I saw the network growing more and more. I knew I wanted to do something more with mobile photography. A magazine would be the perfect way to do it. I've been a huge fan of the magazine culture since I was a kid and again because of the internet, I was lucky enough to be able to start my own. I also am lucky enough to have a lot of talented friends who are all into different creative realms who I brought on board as part of the team. We launched our first issue in January of 2013 and put out an issue at the end of every month for 2013. Currently we are on a brief hiatus while we finish the redesign of our new layout and system for the website of it, but soon it will be back to releasing consistent content. We are just getting started with it, trust me.

Besides from a business perspective, which is a whole different post, I learned a lot from designing the pages of the magazine. Over the years I had slowly gotten more into graphic design. I had naturally picked things up while being around two friends of mine who are graphic designers, and learning more about Photoshop and design through them. I had also learned a lot from just observing online, as I do with everything. 2013 was the year though that I really took my interest to much more than that. The magazine was a big part of it, as it gave me a lot of practice every month. I also took classes in my fall semester of school in Graphic Design and Typography. These elevated my skills, knowledge, respect, and overall understanding of design to indescribable new heights.

Now, as you can see I've jumped around a lot with my intentions over the years. I've never been afraid to go forth with my new ideas. Well, I didn't feel like Imagination Detonation was truly reflecting the growth I've made creatively. So I decided to give it a facelift in all aspects. There's a new layout, a new logo, and some new sections. In my next post, I'll be explaining the reasoning behind the logo and name of ID. Plus.