The Reason of Change

I came up with the Imagination Detonation name when I was fifteen and randomly I thought of it on a plane to Indianapolis. I knew I wanted something with "imagination" in it and I don't know how exactly it came to me but it did. Now, over 5 years later, I question if it still reflects me. I'm not a man of regrets, but I do sometimes wish I had chosen something different. This was obviously before I've learned so much about what goes into a name and how crucial it is - not to mention that shorter names on the internet are better. I look at it and while I like that it rhymes and is catchy, it visually looks like it blends together a lot and isn't the easiest to remember the exact wording for some people. The URL is also really long. But, at this point I have built so much around the name during these past few years. If I completely change it, I feel like I'd be starting over and that also doesn't feel right or make sense. 

photo of me by Emmanuel Cole

There was another angle to look at it from luckily. Being that the name was so long, both other people and myself would often shorter the name to just I.D (as it was the initials). This part of the name, and that it can condense to this, is something I didn't plan for initially but always have really liked that it did. I love those two letters together. At the same time though, it has always felt like there's so many other companies/places using I.D in their name. Big, well-known companies at that. So I never felt like "ID" was completely my own.

When I was creating a new logo to represent the new identity of the brand, it ended up having a plus sign within it. Once again I didn't initially intend it, but when I was making the logo it just felt like it was missing something and the plus sign did the job to complete it. Almost immediately afterwards, I saw it as a metaphor for the step of the brand. It's the 3rd major redesign to the site since starting it, but I feel like it represents much more than just one step up. I feel like I've jumped a whole flight. So instead of ID3, it's ID+. That was the first reasoning behind it. I had always liked and used the symbol in my conversations, too. 

photo of me by Emmanuel Cole

Then, over time, I began to re-evaluate what the site and company and platform meant to me and what it represented. I realized the plus also stood for more than the level of the site. It also represented that I use the site as a platform to create and push artwork that is positive above all. There are a lot of artists that want to create things just to stir up controversy and shake things up, and that's cool, but I'm more focused on just creating what makes me happy and what makes other people happy. So it all ties in. Plus (pun intended), it felt like something that was mine and unique. I did some research and saw there are a couple little places with it, too, but they're nothing I can't handle. It's not like they're ID Magazine. I feel I can really make ID+ memorable to myself and the brand, while with ID it would always be limited to a degree. Also, with this it still keeps the history of the brand and still represents the initials - just with an improved direction. I will still keep the url too, for anyone who wants to use it instead or remembers to go visit it by that name. Yet I am also able to use as a shorter link for people to access the site easier. 

Imagination Detonation is still the base of the name, as that's the main thing the ID stands for. This is simply just a new stage. I hope you all embrace it and understand it like I have come to.