Six Year Anniversary

Six years ago today I launched my personal website Imagination Detonation to show my work, which at the time consisted of a lot of two-headed duck drawings, to friends and family. As many of you know, it's turned into much more.

I'm not going to go into a long history of the site, but instead just focus on this past year. In the spring I introduced a new visual layout makeover to the site - Version 3.0 - and the shortened moniker and url of ID+.

ID Plus and Imagination Detonation are one in the same, and after some time has now settled since the change in look and pace - I still stand confidently behind this being the most polished version yet. 

When I was away in Europe and ever since I've come back, I've been playing a lot of catch up on the Stories and content I've been posting on here. I'm mostly finished with those now (only London, the big one, still left to post about at some point). I will be experimenting with some new methods of work on here, such as the recently announced ID+ Radio, and much more. I also have several other exciting projects coming in the next few months before 2014 comes to a close so it should be fun to watch unravel. As always, keep your eyes peeled. Thank you to everyone supporting me, for real. It means a lot.