Cinemisto Summer 2015: The Sandlot

Back at it with Cinemisto on a new summer one. The Sandlot came out my birth year. It's one of my all time summer favorites and an certified classic.

Didn't do any Cinemisto posts in June because I started a new gig, had been finishing off Ludique Issue 17, and just didn't budget my time well enough to fit it in. I figured I'd rather not stress myself and just do it when I can. The two a month system is great, but to be honest it might not always work. 

*Click the image or here to see it.

A Foggy Friday (Afternoon)

Part two of the fog. Went with Teo and Leo to try to find what we saw from campus. It wasn't until we made it up the mountain that we really stumbled upon it.

Gpa's Bday

We had a little get together for my grandpa's birthday. I had fun experimenting with flash and pretending I was shooting a roll of black and white.