The latest project, released in May 2018, about how the changes of friendship after high school. Follows three kids: Sean, Tristian, and Jeremy during a weekend back in their hometown. 

Written and directed by myself. Cinematography by me and my friend Kevin De Los Santos (and him on camera operation). Score by Soft Glas, my friend Joao Gonzalez. Acting by pals Nick, Solomon, and Alberto.

Learned a lot going from Highlands to this project and I'm excited to keep pushing forward from here to create even more film projects.

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Two kids, Elias and Dakota, on the Carlmont High School baseball team are in their senior year. They have been friends since they were younger, always on the same team, and are now navigating their expanded ambitions and identities of their teenage years. 

Presented in the format of multimedia story experience that combines video clips and segments of a screenplay for an interactive way of taking in the material. You can view it in full on the website: talkingaboutpractice.com

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A screenshot from the interactive multimedia website.

Teaser snippet for the experience.