Continual Projects



Launched 2019, a podcast network with a variety of different shows around pop culture, sports, arts, more. Came up with the idea and run the different facets of it. Also am the host of two podcasts on the network.


Ludique Magazine

Launched in January 2013 around the world of mobile photography and Instagram, the publication has grown to feature conversations with over 100 photographers around the world about their work, life, and art.



Initially started as a project in 2015 around studying cinematography of my favorite films. It has now transitioned to showcasing select short films, as well as interviews with the creators behind them. 


Hudson Pictures

All film projects are produced under this banner. So far, these include Highlands (2017) and Eldred (2018). Yet to be named upcoming series or short likely coming later this year.

Professional Experience


As a Designer and Marketing Producer, I create presentations for clients, develop strategies for marketing the artists, and research project ideas. SOVRN is an artist management and consulting agency who has worked with clients such as Red Bull, Google, and Panasonic. Worked from 2016 - now, as well as summers in 2013 and 2014.


As It Should Be

Partner company of Sovrn State, AISB is a content production agency that focuses on podcasts. Launched in Fall 2018. Currently publishing the Dog Save The People podcast. Serving as Producer, Editor, and various other roles of the process.

Business Insider

Created original feature articles and interviews with subjects around the world as a Visual Features Reporter intern, often with photographers. Occasionally shot own photos on assignment around NYC, where the offices were based. Also co-ran the company's main Instagram accounts in its early stages and helped double its audience in a month. 

RESPECT Magazine

Photographed concerts and interviews for the music publication. Wrote content for online section of the publication on a daily basis throughout the internship, including doing interviews with musicians and artists in other fields as well.

Past Projects

Group Chat

A talk show I did with a few friends on Dash Radio, where we discussed everything from music to sports to movies. It aired every other week on Saturday mornings from 10am-12pm EST for over a dozen episodes in 2016.


Imagination Detonation / ID+ 

In October of 2008, I started a project called Imagination Detonation - later shortened to ID+, as a way to show my artwork to family and friends. After, it grew and served as the home of my portfolio until a decade later in 2018.



In 2008, I created my first website named Imagination Detonation. It was filled with my cartoons of two-headed ducks and early photographs. While still in high school, I started to shoot and edit my own video interviews with different artists for the site, and ended up doing over 50 interviews from 2010-12.

During college, I started an online publication called Ludique Magazine in January 2013. It began with a focus around mobile photography in particular and has since grew to include many different formats. I've done over 100 interviews for the magazine with photographers from around the world and have served as editor, curator, writer, photographer โ€“ wearing almost all hats for the magazine.

Studying abroad in London and Europe during 2014 made a strong impact on me. After graduating in 2015, I worked at Business Insider as a Visual Features Reporter. I had also worked previously at Animated Storyboards, Respect Magazine, and Sovrn State โ€“ the latter of which is a creative artist management company where I have been working again since the beginning of 2016 as a Design and Marketing Producer and dealing with podcast advertising assistance. As of 2018, I have also been working with the partner company As It Should Be as a Podcast Producer and handle creating, developing, running, and editing shows.

In the summer of 2016, I shot my first real narrative short film Highlands. This became a multimedia experience in the form of a website that had a mix of a screenplay with video clips. In the Fall of 2017, I shot my second narrative short film Eldred, which was released online (17 mins) in May 2018.

I also started a podcast Ohtani Comes To America with my good friend and co-host, Kev, in April 2018 where we have chronicled the rookie season of two-way player young phenom Shohei Ohtani and his transition to Major League Baseball with weekly recap episodes and insights. In early 2019, we have also launched CessPool, a podcast network with a variety of different shows around pop culture, sports, arts, entertainment, and more. Previously in 2016, I also co-hosted a talk show called Group Chat with three friends on Dash Radio. We recorded over a dozen episodes, each a couple of hours, and would talk about music, sports, and movies.

Spotlight - โ€œEldredโ€

My latest short film project, which is about the changing dynamics of friendship and home after you leave high school.

Written and Directed by Jack Sommer
Cinematography by Jack Sommer and Kevin De Los Santos
Camera Operation by Kevin De Los Santos
Original Score + Sound Mix by Soft Glas
Acting by Nick Mehedin, Solomon Elias, and Alberto De Los Santos
Editing + Color Correction by Jack Sommer

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